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Anoka Halloween Events & Community?

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It’s been a hoot.

Keep up the wicked work!

What a wickedly great ride!

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Anoka Halloween

Anoka Halloween is an amazing organization that has worked hard to make a real difference for the town and history of Anoka. Their efforts continue year-round to support one heck of an October year after year. The parades, the parties, the tours…and they are always striving to do more, provide more, and be more. Anoka wouldn’t be what it is today without this non-profit organization, and I truly believe that. They carry this cities local history, and it’s a rich history filled with stories, growth, and candy!

Keep up the great work, Anoka Halloween, this city wouldn’t be what it is without you.

I have attended various parades over the last 30+ years as a queen, coordinator, driver, float designer, and as a mom. Attending your parade with our Royalty was a first for me. I have to say I am so impressed with the organization, the preparation, and the courtesy shown to us at every corner, every concession stand, and by all the wonderful spectators. You really are to be commended for the work you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anoka Halloween is one of my favorite festivities to get involved with in the state of Minnesota! The month of October is filled with things to do. From the Medallion Hunt, to the Grade Day Parade, to the Haunted House, there is something for everyone. Anoka does a great job of incorporating new events and activities that have turned into some of my families favorite October traditions! I strongly recommend checking out the Anoka Halloween website to find information about this years upcoming events!

The only thing that makes me happy about Summer ending is knowing that the Anoka Halloween events are right around the corner! Between the Pumpkin Carving Contest and all of the Parades, it’s the best time of year!

Thank you, Anoka Halloween! We had an incredible time putting our float together and we appreciate the recognition!

My family had so much fun last year, we’re going this year, too.

Thank you Anoka Halloween for another wonderful yearly visit to your store…grew up here..but live in NY….came back to take my mom out-and-about! Here’s to a FUN FILLED Halloween season!!

Thank you!!!! We always have so much fun!!!!

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