Anoka Halloween Parades

Grand Day Parade Guidelines

  • Creativity required.  Whenever possible, Anoka Halloween highly encourages the use of Halloween prop, colors of black and orange and PUMPKINS. 

  • This year our Anoka Halloween theme is: RETRO

  • No gore, blood, violent Halloween themes allowed.  This is a kid friendly parade.

  • No political groups or political campaigning allowed in or on parade route. 

  • Traditional cars or trucks will not qualify as a parade entry.

  • No RV’s or Buses.

  • Walking groups limited to 50 persons and all members should be 10 years or older.  Our parade is over 1.5 miles long and is very fast paced.

  • Anoka Halloween does not provide vehicles.

  • Float length no more than 30’ long and 13’5” tall.  Combined total for pull vehicle and float no more than 55’.

  • No animal pickup provided; you must provide your own pickup.

  • Alcohol prohibited in all parade areas.

All handouts must be pre-approved by the Anoka Halloween Festival Committee – including candy.  Please include a sample of handout.  Please describe your candy handout on your application.


Light Up the Night Parade

In addition to the Grand Day guidelines, the following apply for our night parade:

  • Illumination – your float must have adequate lighting.  Your pull vehicle will have lights out during the parade route. 

NO HANDOUTS- including candy on the parade route- due to safety concerns.


New This Year For Both Grand Day And Night Parade

  • Proof of insurance required. 

  • Please include with your application or within 10 days of your acceptance letter: Certificate of COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY (CGL). If your certificate is not received with in the
    allowed time period you will not be allowed to attend our event. 

  • No copies of policy or card. Certificate required

  • ANOKA HALLOWEEN INC. must be named as additional insured on certificate.

  • Verify that the certificate/policy indicates that you are a Anoka Halloween Inc parade participant for either Grand Day parade or Light up the Night Parade or both.

  • Your insurance provider is very familiar with this type of policy.




 Anoka Halloween ParadeAnoka Halloween Parade   Anoka Halloween Parade  Anoka Halloween Parade

Anoka Halloween Parade

**NEW this year... 

Applications for participation will be processed using a lottery system by the Anoka Halloween Committee.  Exceptions will be made for our designated community partners and sponsors. Anoka Halloween Inc. reserves the right to decline or refuse any application.**

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"Anoka, Minnesota is believed to be the first city in the United States to put on a Halloween celebration to divert its youngsters from Halloween pranks."



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